Andrea Brady


Andrea is the face and name behind Parting Words. Skilled as a writer, speaker, presenter and storyteller, she has spent her lifetime working with words and with people. 

Parting Words was borne from Andrea’s desire to support those facing the end of their life, and the bereaved, by providing them with the perfect words, when they need them the most. By interviewing you and your family members, friends and colleagues Andrea is able to capture your memories and weave them into an eloquent celebration of life. The words will be as unique, colourful, and impactful as you are, and depict the many facets of your life and personality.


If you are planning a funeral, Andrea is able to guide you through the planning process and design a ceremony and eulogy that is a fitting farewell for your loved one, reflecting their passions and achievements, whilst celebrating and honouring them. The ceremony can be officiated by Andrea and the eulogy provided to a family member to deliver as part of the funeral service or presented by Andrea as part of the complete ceremony.


Andrea is a public relations and communication consultant to organisations across New Zealand and internationally. With a strong background in healthcare, Andrea has worked with many non-profit organisations and patient associations to advocate for access to treatment options, to develop education campaigns and to raise funds. Andrea co-founded the Meningitis Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand and is an active board member. She works closely with families impacted by meningitis; those who have lost loved ones, and individuals and families focused on recovery and rehabilitation.


Andrea is a member of Celebrants Aotearoa.

Wow, Andrea, this is incredible. We adore your words, and are astounded at the insight and description...I love how you have described Dad in such a beautiful positive way and will forever treasure your words and what you have done for us in writing them. Thank you SO very much. I’m going to request in my will that you be my celebrant!!!